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Every home has distinct interior needs. We offer a wide range of glass products and interior embellishments to transform your space. From dark tints to transparent glass we have every option to suit your needs.

Lifetime Guarantee

We believe in honesty and transparency. At Crown Glass, we take pride in the quality of our products. Our glass is resistant and less prone to damage than conventional glass. In case of an unforeseen event, if breakage occurs, the pieces are small and blunt instead of huge and sharp glass shards that are far more dangerous.

Expert Home Installation

Crown Glass respects your choice of bathroom interior. Our job is to understand your needs and deliver the best results accordingly. Our experts are available 24 hours to assist you. Whether you are hoping to upgrade or fix your current shower or shower wall or planning on remodeling your home's current shower glass, Crown Glass professionals are prepared to assist you to the best of our capacity.


We proudly offer the best quality shower glass service in Vancouver. We use premium quality glass with an exceptionally low iron oxide content. Due to this, the glass is altogether less green in appearance when contrasted with standard glass thus permitting regular and genuine display of white and pastel tones when plated, lacquered, or screen printed as expected for shower entryways. These entrances are utilized for shower walled areas as well or can be introduced into any place you like. This even applies to your storerooms. Our shower glass services are customized according to your vision.

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Following is a visual rundown of some projects that we are especially proud of. Check them out!

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